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How to obtain a driving license in Spain

To ensure motorists drive safely, those planning to drive motor vehicles or ride motorcycles must be in possession of valid authorization. Vehicle drivers are required to have a valid driving license and to carry it with them at all times.…

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How do I get my telephone connected?

Call one of the Telecommunications Companies, such as Telefónica, Retevisión, Vodafone, etc. For Telefónica/Movistar, you can contact their Customer Service Department and do everything by phone. They will ask you the following details: Name. Complete address. Passport or N.I.E. number.…

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Apply for a NIE number

Guide to the NIE number Sample NIE application Translation of the NIE application The NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero) is the counterpart to a DNI for Spanish citizens. The NIE is the identification number in Spain for everyone who…

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Lucky winners on our Summer Promotion

At the “Tenerife Property Center” we are always striving to make the experience of purchasing a property here in Tenerife as memorable as possible, so we decided what could be a better way than to give a lucky couple the…

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